Monday, June 29, 2015

Back to Connecticut

At the beginning of this month, we took a trip to Connecticut and New York. We did this same trip almost exactly two years ago. Although this time we reversed the trip. We flew into New York on Saturday and headed to John and Louise in Connecticut straight away since logistically it worked out better. This time the trip was a bit different since there were two new kids since last time. We had a wonderful time, as usual. It was fun to see improvements and how much the landscaping had changed since we were last there.

John and Eloise sharing a sweet moment book reading.

We went on a hike one day to get out of the house and explore.

Mae and Harriet are exactly two years apart had a great time together. Mae went back with John on the train on Sunday night so we were there with Louise and baby Olive until Tuesday.

So we did a little sightseeing on Monday. We went to the White Memorial Conservation Center, but we forgot to take pictures. The girls really liked it and they had an interesting museum about nature geared towards kids. The weather was a little iffy so we didn't hike around at all. We drove to the nearest big town, Litchfield and tried to shoot Eloise out of a cannon.

Action shot! The girls loved hanging around the house and playing with all the new, fun stuff.

Some new landscaping on the grounds.

Harriet loved baby Olive.

We went out to ice cream in Bantam. Weird tidbit, the Arethusa Farm Dairy is owned by the people who own Manolo Blahnik. Really diversifying, I guess.

On Tuesday we headed to Brooklyn, but before we left Connecticut we came across this weird structure.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Hippo for Olive

I made this seamless hippo for our friends' baby Olive. It was fairly quick to make and my favorite part is the sweater. There are 3 animals total in this pattern (hippo, elephant and rabbit) and I hope to make them all soon. It was fun to give her a book with a hippo theme along with the toy.

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Eloise on the left, Harriet at the same age on the right. This sweet comparison was sent to us by our daycare provider.

Monday, May 25, 2015

bees 2.0

In April we loaded up the car and drove to Stillwater to pick up our two 3-lb packages of bees for the new season from a place called Nature's Nectar. This year my neighbor Bryce and I have decided to go it alone since our beekeeper isn't in a position to tend to the hives. She will be able to mentor us though, which is exactly what we need.

The bee pick up was a bit chaotic. We were told a time to come and there were bees everywhere. It was unsafe for Steve and the girls get out of the car so I hopped out and tried to make the exchange as quickly as possible. There were bees attached to the outside of our packages and I hadn't thought through that we have a hatchback and so we really didn't have a barrier between us and the bees that got into the car. Luckily it all worked out just fine.  

Home safe and sound.

We didn't hive the package right away because Bryce was out of town for the weekend so Harriet assisted with spraying the bees with sugar water 4 times a day. She seemed to enjoy it.

When we got up to the hive on the roof we found the boxes full of dead bees, as we knew it would be. Luckily they left a lot of great stuff to get the new hive up and running in a hurry.

Lots of pollen and nectar.  Also all the frames have drawn out honeycomb on them, which took a lot of energy to do. Now these bees can just focus on tending to the brood.

Bryce shaking the new package into the first hive box.

Spreading them out.
It was raining, which is perfect for hiving the bees, but not so perfect for spectating. Our neighbors Tyler and Megan also watched the process.

View of the roof.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Last day of preschool

It's always fun to do a comparison. The picture above was taken today on Harriet's last day of preschool. The one below is from the first day of school in the fall. These two are growing up!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Franconia sculpture park

Yesterday we took a little excursion out to Franconia Sculpture Park with Steve's brother Adam and girlfriend Ari who were in town visiting us. I haven't been there in probably 15+ years when my friend Elissa and I stopped there on the way to her cabin in Michigan. Needless to say, the place has expanded a ton since I was last there. I thought Ari would like it a lot because her dad is a metal sculptor and does his art on a big scale. We all really enjoyed ourselves, it is a great place to bring kids. 

It is open 365 days of the year from dawn until dusk and is 43 acres. Forty artists come and work there each year (for a year) from all around the world.
Smash car.

 Lizard lounge.

 This was probably my favorite sculpture because it was like a bizarre club house for kids. Swings on the bottom, slides coming off of it, picnic tables inside of it. Just wacky and awesome.

 Another wacky club house art piece. Love the colors.

 Eloise: Up! Up! Up!!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

May Day 2015

Another year, another May Day parade. It never disappoints. This year we went with my friend Emily and my dad. The theme of the parade was "We Rise", which I'm pretty sure is referring the Maya Angleou poem Still I Rise. A positive theme given all the unrest around the nation lately. Also there seemed to be an elephant theme going on, that was kind of lost on me, but is probably along the same lines.


Eloise and my dad with his coworker who stopped to say hello while he was coming through in the parade. At least we think its his coworker in there.....


 Rapt attention. Harriet loved this parade a lot.

Some crazy hoop antics = abs of steel.